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They were so adorable.

For the price I think the set was very good. The video instructions showed everything I needed to know as someone who had never crocheted before and the product came out fairly well. I personally enjoyed the patterns very much and would buy from this brand again and may even remake these designs using other yarns for different sizes and colors.

Anna Organa

Great starter kit!

I have tried to crochet many times in my life..this is the first time I’ve succeeded!! I literally learned as I went and I feel like I could follow a simple pattern and make something on my own now. The box comes with everything you need except scissors, the video instructions walk you all the way through. I’m obsessed! This is a fun and easy way to get into crocheting.

Jesicca A.

Everything you need!

So, this is a great all in one kit, and it does contain everything you need to make the toy depicted. However, unless you have practiced a bit on regulating your loops and such, this is probably not going to come out correct. Also, the pattern is a little hard for someone who has never crochet before. This is a nice challenge piece for a beginner.

Jarrod Nolan

I have literally never touched crochet before

it was really slow going at first. I started working on one of these the day the kit arrived (some weeks ago), and it took some time to really figure out what I was doing... there was some struggle and frustration, and I'm also a lefty, so I have to adjust on doing things too. I did manage to finally finish though, and it looks super cute!

Perin Jones

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