About Us

At Kdafio we have a deep love and obsession with the art of crochet. As a unique brand, we are committed to creating crochet community with unlimited inspiration and freedom of creation, providing comprehensive services and support for every crocheting enthusiast.

Kdafio was born from the passion and courage of our founder,Jane. Jane is an experienced crocheting artist who has been exploring and developing new crocheting techniques, designing stunning patterns over years, and sharing her knowledge and experience with crocheting enthusiasts worldwid. However, she realized that there was a lack of truly dedicated crochet community in the market and decided to create Kdafio to fill that void.
Kdafio's mission is to provide crocheting enthusiasts with an all-in one platform to cultivate and improve their crochet skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, Kdafio are committed to enabling everyone to find their own crocheting inspiration and creativity.

Drawing inspiration from all best artist around the world, Kdafio curate and share a wide variety of tutorials, patterns and tips for users. Whether you want to master the basics or take on advanced projects, we have offered resources and guidance to help you get there.

At Kdafio, you will find a community of crocheting enthusiasts who are full of friendliness, warmth and support. Kdafio encourages interaction and collaboration among users, allowing everyone to share their creations, experiences. We believe that we can build a united and closely crocheting family through passion and dedication.

Kdafio is so grateful to everyone who chooses to be a part of our crocheting community. No matter what level of crocheting enthusiast you are, Kdafio welcome you to join us to explore, learn and enjoy the wonderful journey of crochet together.